Welcome to Route 66 Stickers, your go-to place for awesome stickers! We are located on the beautiful West Coast of the United States, and we're proud to provide stickers that stand out.

Vibrant & Durable

Our stickers are super tough. They're not just bright and cool, but they last a long time. We use special ink that makes the colors pop, and we cover the stickers with UV resistant Kevlar-based plastic that keeps them safe from water, sun, scratches, and all kinds of weather. These stickers are made to last about 5 years, and they still look great!

USA-Made Always

What makes our stickers even more special is that they're made right here in the USA.  When you buy from Route 66 Stickers, you're not just getting cool stickers; you're also helping local workers and businesses. Plus, you're supporting fair treatment of workers and helping take care of our environment.


Our stickers are designed with a minimal amount of plastic material, and we consciously avoid using additional plastic for packaging, which often ends up in landfills. Choosing locally manufactured goods here in the USA also supports a reduction in the carbon footprint linked to transportation. Products crafted closer to the point of consumption typically demand less energy and resources for shipping, promoting environmental sustainability.

So, when you choose our stickers, you're getting top-quality, awesome designs, and you're supporting the USA! Thanks for being a part of Route 66 Stickers!


Some stickers only come in certain sizes because they haven't been made in all the different sizes yet. If you want a particular size, check back later to see if it's available!

Some stickers may not be suitable for young audiences. Parental discretion advised.