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Are your stickers waterproof?

Yes! Our stickers fair well in the rain, carwashes, kayaks, and even the dishwasher!

What can I stick your stickers on?

Our stickers are very sticky and do well on many flat surfaces, such as metal, plastic, and glass!

How long until my sticker ships?

Due to the high volume of orders and to ensure quality service for all our customers, it may take up to 10 business days for your sticker to be shipped. After it ships, you can track your order on USPS We appreciate your patience and understanding.

I want a certain size, but I don't see it.

Some stickers only come in certain sizes because they haven't been made in all the different sizes yet. If you want a particular size, check back later to see if it's available!

How long do your stickers last?

Our stickers look almost brand new outdoors for up to 5 years and longer indoors!

What does business card size, playing card size, and postcard size mean?

Business card sized is about the size of a standard business card (2.5"x3.5"). Playing card sized are about the size of a baseball card (4.5"x3"). Postcard sized is about the size of a standard postcard (4.5"x6"). Our smallest is business card sized (good for smart phones) and postcard sized is our largest (good for car windows).

I don't want a sticker with a location on it, do you have other stickers?

Yes! If you search "novelty," in the search bar, stickers without a location should come up. Parental discretion advised.

What are your stickers made of?

Our stickers are printed on thick vinyl with a protective UV resistant and water resistant laminate.

Where are your stickers designed and manufactured?

In the beautiful West Coast of the USA!

Why are your stickers pricey?

Our stickers are made to last. These aren't stickers that will start peeling in a week. These are stickers that will be able to hang on while you go on all your adventures!