Sticker Sizes


  • Business Card Sized

    Best for: Water bottles, smart phones, etc.

    Horizontal: 2.5"x3.5"

    Vertical: 3.5"x2.5"

    Price: $3.99

  • Playing Card Sized

    Best for: Laptops, helmets, etc.

    Horizontal: 3"x4.5"

    Vertical: 4.5"x3"
    Price: $6.20

  • Postcard Sized

    Best for: Cars, skateboard decks, etc.

    Horizontal: 6"x4.5"

    Vertical: 4.5"x6"
    Price: $9.04


Some stickers only come in certain sizes because they haven't been made in all the different sizes yet. If you want a particular size, check back later to see if it's available!

Each Size Next to a #2 Pencil

We go more in depth in our blog "Sticker Sizes: Picking the Right Fit for Your Stuff!"

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If you see buttons, it means those sizes are ready to get!

You can get this sticker design in business card size, playing card size, and postcard size!

If you don't see any buttons, it means the item is not available in that size right now.

You can only get this sticker in business card size. Check back later to see if any new sizes have been created!